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By Omni Dental
December 29, 2021
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When your schedule always looks full it can be easy to look at upcoming dental checkups and dismiss them, especially if you have been taking good care of your teeth and are not experiencing any current discomfort. But waiting until there is something wrong may be the wrong approach, more so when dealing with dental care. The earlier you treat a dental problem the less invasive, and often less costly, the treatment usually is. More importantly, many of these problems can be completely prevented with regular visits with your San Diego, CA, general dentist. Learn more about regular dental visits from your dental professionals of Omni Dental, Dr. Daniel Stevens, Dr. Christina Tsang, and Dr. Vahid Tabibzadeh.

Regular Cleanings

Plaque is the sticky substance that builds on your teeth every day, and the bacteria that thrive within it is the main cause of tooth decay and gum disease.

Regular brushing and flossing can keep the majority of plaque under control, but it takes regular in-office cleanings to help manage it. There are often hard-to-clean spaces that are left with plaque and anything left behind can harden, making it impossible to remove at home with a toothbrush alone.

An office cleaning can remove difficult-to-reach plaque, which can reverse early gum disease, and help prevent plaque from accumulating again.

Although crucial, a visit to your general dentist goes beyond cleanings, your San Diego, CA, dentist also performs a dental checkup.

Regular Checkups

Your dentist performs a thorough checkup of your teeth, gums, and mouth as a whole. They can diagnose potential problems and even assess your risk for certain cancers. Early diagnosis and treatment are the keys to preventing complications and avoiding more involved dental procedures whenever possible.

Cavities, for example, can be spotted during a checkup and treated with a dental filling. A filling can put a halt to the spread of decay and help you avoid a painful infection and a root canal, or worse, an extraction.

Schedule a Visit Today

Don't miss another dental checkup, schedule your visit with your San Diego, CA, general dentist today. To make an appointment with Dr. Stevens, Dr. Tsang, and Dr. Tabibzadeh of Omni Dental dial (619) 224-5000.