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Wisdom Teeth San Diego CA

Once you hit your late teens to mid-twenties, there’s a chance that you may have to start dealing with your wisdom teeth. These are the third set of molars that begin growing in and are often removed because there isn’t enough room in your smile for these teeth. Often, wisdom teeth can cause pain which is a clear sign that they need to be removed. Wisdom tooth extraction is extremely common, and most people will experience it at some point in their life.


Getting Your Wisdom Teeth Extracted

Wisdom Teeth San Diego CA

You may not always experience pain with your wisdom teeth, and you may not even realize they need to be removed. It’s important that you talk to your dentist so that they can take x-rays to determine whether surgery is necessary or not. It’s important to get your wisdom teeth extracted if they begin to erupt because they can grow in incorrectly or can cause further pain and infection if they only erupt partially.

Extraction is usually simple and is done in-office. You can get this surgery with just a local anesthetic, but often, your dentist will recommend sedation to keep you comfortable and to ensure that the procedure can be done quickly and efficiently. The tooth or teeth will be removed and the area will be closed with stitches that need to heal.

Once you go home and are fully conscious, you might experience some mild pain that can be soothed with an ice pack or pain medication as prescribed by your dentist. Once your mouth is healed, you can get back to your normal life without any further issues!

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Wisdom teeth that are left alone if they’ve erupted can lead to further issues and should be extracted as soon as possible.

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